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What is Popcorn bidding or Dynamic bidding in auction

“Popcorn bidding” or “dynamic bidding” typically refers to a feature in online auctions where the bidding time is extended if new bids are placed close to the auction’s closing time. This is done to ensure that all participants have a fair chance to bid and to simulate the excitement of a live auction.

Here’s how popcorn or dynamic bidding generally works:

  1. Bidding Extension: When a bid is placed within a certain timeframe (often the last few minutes or seconds) before the auction is scheduled to close, the closing time is extended. This extension gives other participants a chance to respond with new bids.
  2. Fairness and Strategy: The purpose of dynamic bidding is to prevent “sniping,” where participants wait until the last moment to place their bids. By extending the bidding time, the auction becomes more dynamic and fair, allowing multiple participants to engage in a competitive bidding process.
  3. Simulating Live Auctions: Dynamic bidding attempts to recreate the competitive and dynamic nature of live, in-person auctions where bids are placed in quick succession. This feature can increase the intensity of the auction, as participants must stay actively engaged until the final moments.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: The goal is to create a more engaging and interactive user experience, encouraging participants to remain involved in the auction and preventing a flurry of bids only in the last few seconds.

It’s important to note that the specific implementation of dynamic or popcorn bidding can vary between different online auction platforms.

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