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How to create multiple auctions by uploading CSV file

Kindly proceed with the following steps to upload a CSV file: Steps to prepare a CSV file: To create a CSV file, merchants will need to follow the template which is attached in the app: Please refer to our CSV template file for an example of the different fields and the value you can set. As always, if you have any queries setting this up, please reach out to us…

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Klaviyo template support on Auction Today

After activating klaviyo create a template using this html​ After creating the template now is time to setup the flow,The topic we will send email based on :Customer placed a new bidCustomer own auctionPlaced new bidAuction ownLost auctionSomeone placed higher bid Based on all topics send a test email so that those topics will be available in klaviyo​ Available variables​

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The widget is Not Showing!

To activate the Auction app’s embedded block on your store, follow these simple steps: 6. Simply activate the App Embedded Block from there by triggering. 7. After triggering the button, remember to save the changes To ensure a successful auction setup, please follow these steps: Step 1: Create an auction by navigating to the “Auctions” section in the left menu. Step 2: Double-check that the start date and end date…

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Customize widget settings

You can customize the widget according to your brand’s unique style. You can easily change the widget’s colors, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your branding. And the best part? You can preview your customized widget before making it live on your store. This way, you get to see exactly how it will look and make any adjustments you desire. We want to provide you with a seamless and personalized experience,…

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Automation settings

To access the advanced settings for the app, please follow these steps: Automation settings- You can specify when (in hours or days) the next winner will be declared. You can limit the number of auction winners. You can choose the time in hours or days. Don’t forget to click on Save. By following these steps, you will be able to easily access the advanced settings of the app and specifically…

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How customer penny works

Customer penny- Customers can buy penny products that come with a limited amount of pennies. These pennies can then be used to place bids on different items, with each bid costing one penny. This creates an engaging and competitive environment where customers can try to secure the items they desire. To place a bid first, the popup will appear customers need to buy a penny. To access the app dashboard…

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How penny product works

Penny auction- To place a bid, customers are prompted to purchase a penny through a popup, which helps prevent fraudulent bids. The widget displays the number of remaining penny as “penny remaining,” allowing customers to easily access place bidding and ensuring a secure bidding environment. To enable the penny option for an auction, the merchant can easily activate it using the app by following these steps: After activating the penny…

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How to To create an auction collection page with automated addition and removal of products

Auction collection page- An automated auction collection will be generated in real-time, continuously updating to include all currently active auction products. This collection will dynamically sync with the latest auctions, ensuring that any new auctions created with new products are seamlessly integrated, and even if an auction is stopped, the collection will reflect the change accordingly. This enhanced system will provide a more efficient and streamlined process for managing auction…

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Email template configuration

To access the email settings, navigate to the app dashboard and click on the “Email Settings” option. Merchants can send emails- Merchants have the capability to send emails for various events, including- This allows for effective communication and engagement with customers throughout the auction process. Merchants can customize the button color from button customizations: Merchants can customize the color from Ul customizations: If you have any questions or need further…