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Information on the collection page

  • To add auction information to the collection page product cards we will need to add this code snippet manually.
<div class="shopify-innovative-collection-widget" data-product-id="{{}}" data-product-handle="{{product.handle}}" data-variant-id="{{product.variants[0].id}}"></div>
  • After adding the code it will look like this.

1) Auction badge-

After putting in the code, the product will have an auction badge.

2) Current Bid-

It will show the current bid of the auction.

3) Start price-

It will show the auction start price where the customer will able to see the

starting price of the auction.

4) Time Remaining-

It will show the countdown timing of the auction.

5) Bidding-

It will show the bidder’s info from the auction bidding history.

Please ask the support team if you have any difficulties setting it up. We are 24/7 available here to help you.

Thank you.

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