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How to create multiple auctions by uploading CSV file

Kindly proceed with the following steps to upload a CSV file:

  • Navigate to the auction app dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Auctions’ option to proceed.
  • Select the ‘CSV Upload’ button.
  • Select the CSV file with less than 250 auctions. Each row in the CSV file represents an auction. Only one product / variant combination allowed per row.
  • Click on the ‘Save‘ button to start the file upload process.

  • You will be shown the above message, select ‘Close’ and wait for an email from us which will confirm if we have managed to process and create all the auctions as per the csv file.
  • If the file upload is successful – you can view all your Auctions on the Dashboard or Auctions page of our App.
  • In case the file upload is unsuccessful – we will email the reasons for failure. You can rectify the csv file and upload it again. Please note that even if there is an error on one row in the csv file, we will fail the entire csv file and none of the auctions will be created.

Steps to prepare a CSV file: To create a CSV file, merchants will need to follow the template which is attached in the app:

  1. Auction name (keep it unique)
  2. Product-handle (You can find the product handle by looking at the URL of the page of the product that you need the handle for. The product handle will be the last part of the URL, after the last forward slash (/) character.)
  3. Product-variant-id (Should be number, its optional and leave blank if you are only setting auction for a product that does not have variant)
  4. Start-date (Auction start date, must be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format only)
  5. End-date (Auction start date, must be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format only)
  6. Start-price (Fixed amount)
  7. Bid-Increment(Fixed Amount)
  8. Proxy-Bidding-On (Enter 1 to turn this on, empty to leave proxy bidding off)
  9. Reserve-Price (Optional field only add if required)
  10. Show-Reserve_Price-On-Storefront (Optional field only add if required)
  11. Pop-Corn-Bidding (Optional field only add if required)
  12. Extend-Deadline-Within-Value (Optional field only add if required)
  13. Extend-Deadline-By-Type Optional field only add if required)
  14. Buy-Out Price (if required)
  15. Show-Buyout_Price-On-Storefront (Enter 1 to turn this on, empty to not display this)

Please refer to our CSV template file for an example of the different fields and the value you can set.

As always, if you have any queries setting this up, please reach out to us via our support chat.

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